Sustainability Watch Program - USA


Join CCA's and agronomists all around the US helping bring forth the future of resilient agriculture

Why now?

Scaling science-based systems for monitoring and verification of sustainability practices has never been more important

Management decisions made by growers – including those around tillage, cover cropping, and crop rotationsĀ  – can affect soil health and environmental outcomes. Until recently, it has been challenging to assemble consistent and thorough information regarding the rates and patterns conservation agriculture adoption as the Crop Residue Management Survey organized by the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) ended in 2005.

Sustainability Watch Partnership

FluroSat is partnering with Dagan to jointly map changes in adoption rates of no-till, cover cropping, and crop rotations across the US using a remote sensing-based approach. After mapping tillage practices and cover cropping, we then apply a soil and crop model to investigate soil health and environmental outcomes associated with changes in the detected adoption rates.


Results from across the corn belt, mapped by Dagan and partners at TNC and CTIC in 2019 (see figure on the right), indicate some areas saw significant increases in conservation practice adoption rates, particularly of cover crop crops, and suggest beneficial soil health outcomes. Policymakers, as well as companies across the supply chain, will use this aggregate information to make more informed decisions on how to best support farmers to be the stewards of the land they strive to be.


Whilst the 2019 project was focused on areas of the Midwest and Upper Midwest, the 2020 data collection will support the development of the US-wide sustainability practices maps.

We pay for your time

We provide stipends for data collectors conducting the roadside surveys in accordance with our requirements. We ask each data collector to perform up to 6 roadside surveys of 45 fields in their county between Nov-July.

Training on digital tools

We provide all our data collectors with training on how to use our mobile app to accept assignments, collect observations and take pictures of the fields to ensure you have good experience in the program!

Program support

We want to make sure you always have someone to call on if you need help or not sure about any particular part of the process. You can give a ring to our customer support team anytime!

Privacy policy

We take data privacy seriously. We do not ask you to provide any information of your clients, but instead to visit a set of random fields in your area to help us validate satellite observations.

How do Sustainability Watch Advisors contribute?

If you are an accredited agronomist or a Certified Crop Consultant interested in joining our “Sustainability Watch” partnership, here are the key details:

  • We would identify about 15 – 20 fields in your county that are convenient for you to reach. We’d ask you to drive to those fields and fill out a simple survey about cover crops and tillage practices in those fields. Additionally, we ask you to stop at another 20 – 25 fields of your choosing along the way and do the survey at those as well. We would like these fields visited twice each over the coming 4-8 weeks, and then a few more visits in the spring.
  • You will need a mobile phone to install our mobile app – most iPads, iPhones, or Androids would work
  • We will ask for a single invoice upon your last visit for full payment
  • Paperwork needed will be a signed contract, and an I-9 form
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