Computational intelligence in precision agriculture that drives profitability and efficiency on every farm.

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An advanced agronomic analytics engine that brings decades of research in ag modelling and AI to your farm, FluroSense provides workflow-integrated scalable decision support, crop performance tracking and early stress detection.

Automating data collection and analysis, it helps agronomists and farmers to make timely profitable decisions by focusing on what matters.

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Agronomic analytics via API Management System


  • Easy field setup for immediate use
  • Crop monitoring with automated notifications and stress alerts
  • VR nutrient application recommendations,  scouting and sampling suggestions straight into your pocket


“FluroSense will help get the best economic output from each paddock”
Chris Andrighetto
cotton grower/agronomist
“FluroSense provides added value to our customers as it integrates multi-information layers with sensor data to form a prediction.”
Dr Manal Elarab
Director of Enterprise Solutions, MicaSense
“With FluroSense, we can begin to piece together the puzzle sooner and start to use the data to inform where, when and how much fertiliser is needed to maximise profitability.”
Steve Richmond
Advanced Farm Services Agronomist, Kerin Landmark Rural
“Focused decision support tools will be the game changer for the future of agriculture.”
Brooke Sauer
Agronomy & Agtech Consultant
“FluroSat's validated scientific analysis together with our high-resolution imagery delivers excellent actionable data that provides our customers with insightful information.”
Robert Morris
Founder & CEO
“FluroSense is one of the best analytic engines that I've seen so far. Potato is a high-volume, high-value and high-input crop and will benefit from using FluroSense.”
Dr Anserd Foster
Manager, Ag Services


Nitrogen mapping & recommendations


  • Crop and growth-stage-specific N maps without sampling
  • Calculated using your fields’ application and sampling data
  • Auto-zoning from remote-sensing (NDVI, CCCI and more), soil, yield
  • Machinery-ready file with variable or flat rate N recommendation
Spray timing & localisation


  • Temperature-inversion model for timing spraying to avoid drift
  • Weed detection in fallow/in crop
  • Track weed growth to time control
  • Variable Plant Growth Control (PGC)
  • Machinery-ready file for spraying
Water stress detection


  • Thermal crop stress mapping
  • Waterlogging/deficient areas
  • Blocked or leaking pipes
  • For the centre pivots:
  • Clogged nozzles detection &
  • Irrigation-effect normalisation
Crop performance tracking & regional/farm benchmarking


  • Quantify & track your field performance (biomass, chlorophyll)
  • Identify low performance at a glance
  • Compare current/previous season trends
  • Benchmark your fields across the farm or your region
Crop stress detection & identification


  • Auto-detection of stressed areas
  • Unexpected changes between dates
  • Stress identification & labelling, smart scouting
ROI based application recommendations


  • Input your crop/input price
  • Adjust outlook for the season
  • Prioritise profit over loss
  • Use the product in the shed
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