Drones for Farming: Beginner's Guide

A free guide to help you get the most out of a drone on your farm

Do you have a drone or thinking of getting one? Or do you offer crop consulting services and are considering using a drone to gain an edge? Or do you want to use drone imagery to monitor your trials? This guide is for you!
If you are looking to take advantage of getting a bird's eye view of your crop! Read the guide to learn how drones enable faster, more economical and higher-accuracy crop monitoring. It can save hours scouting, and can detect crop stress before you can see it yourself.
Drones for farming beginner's guide

What will you learn in this guide?

In years of working in the industry, we have collected many questions about drones and their application on a farm. This guide brings these FAQs together and explains drone imaging from A to Z in simple words.
  • What to consider before buying a drone.
  • What regulatory aspects to consider before flying a drone.
  • Which drone and camera type are right for your farming operation.
  • How to set the right flight parameters: speed, height and resolution.
  • How to choose the processing software right for your specific needs.
  • Practical tips to put the knowledge into practice.


Applications of drone imagery on a farm

We believe each remote sensing platform has its strengths and you need to use it to your advantage! Whilst drone imagery is a great compliment to satellite and aerial imagery, it also has it own claim to fame. See the use cases below that we recommend to use drone imagery for.

Crop emergence assessment

With high-resolution drone imagery, you will be able to evaluate the rate of plant emergence across your fields and make timely replant decisions.

Trial monitoring

From research plots to commercial farm-scale trials, drone data will enable you to compare the application rates and management techniques across replicates and over time.

Crop / machinery issue detection

Want to know where the crop stress will strike? Multispectral and thermal drone imagery can help reveal the crop stress invisible to the naked eye.

Orchard management

Take advantage of automated orchard monitoring, stress detection and trend analysis to optimise your fruit/nut yield with drone imagery consistent over time!

What our existing customers are saying

“Flurosat takes data analysis to the next level. We can finally make half-measures that are highly dependent on the observer a thing of the past and have factual data that is reliable, consistent and accurate. Everybody knows that precise agriculture is the future and Flurosat makes solid developments towards it! ”
Dimitrios Syminelakis
Potato Food Processor
“Focused decision support tools will be the game changer for the future of agriculture. ”
Brooke Sauer
Agronomy & Agtech Consultant
“FluroSat has provided us a platform to quickly and efficiently analyze images from multiple sources across our entire trade territory, and communicate the issues to our growers through automatic alerts. ”
John Gibson
Precision Ag Specialist, Crop Quest
“FluroSense is one of the best analytic engines that I've seen so far. Potato is a high-volume, high-value and high-input crop and benefits a lot from using FluroSense. ”
Dr Anserd Foster
Manager, Ag Services
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