Introducing FluroSense™

FluroSense uses the power of deep spectral insight to deliver
early, accurate and actionable information on crop health and nutrition.
Make better-informed decisions that drive profitability and deliver measurable outcomes:
improve the yields by simultaneously cutting fertiliser and water waste.

+10-25% yield

-30% fertiliser

-25% water

FluroSense Platform

Data Availability
  • Unlimited Satellite Data
  • Aerial imagery to-order
  • Upload your own drone imagery whenever you fly
Actionable Insights
  • Nitrogen Prescription Maps
  • Water stress maps
  • Yield-based nutrient analysis
  • Trends and benchmarks
Work-ready layers
  • Smart Management zones
  • Unique sampling schemes
  • Guided field scouting
  • Variable-rate application (VRA) maps

What you get with your FluroSense Subscription

1. Management Zones and Useful Layers
Automatically generated nitrogen map,
moisture, crop health and growth
maps throughout the season.
Customisable management zones you
can download in widely used formats: GeoTIFF, SHP and KML
2. Nitrogen Maps and Recommendations
FluroSense leverages decades of CSIRO,
CRDC and other leading scientific bodies
research, field-tested and validated by
leading and innovative cotton growers and
FluroSense2_N map
3. Accurate Sampling guided by your data
Enrich the insights FluroSense
provides with your own data.
Add tissue and soil samples,
field observations, airplane and
drone imagery or yield maps.
4. Anomaly and Stress Identification
FluroSense learns to identify issues in
your fields by analysing spectral and
spatial patterns. Help it learn your fields
faster by verifying the labels it suggests.
green circle
5. Get Expert Support
FluroSense is more than software - it's the front end of a personalised,
professional service backed by the team of our in-house agricultural scientists.
We are committed to make your agricultural business successful.

Learn Our Difference

Drone imagery
Airplane imagery
  Data sources
Data sources
  Satellite imagery
Satellite imagery
  High resolution imagery
High resolution imagery
on order, easily imported
  Change maps
Change maps
  Weed maps
Weed maps
  Management zones, Variable Rate Application files
Management zones, Variable Rate Application files
  Emergence, crop count
Emergence, crop count with aerial imagery
  Disease detection
Disease detection some some with aerial imagery
  Water stress
Water stress some some with aerial imagery
  Nitrogen maps
Nitrogen maps


scientific models
  Tissue/soil sampling locations
Tissue/soil sampling locations
  Nitrogen recommendation
Nitrogen recommendation
driven by
CSIRO CottAssist
  Yield map analysis
Yield map analysis
  Yield potential estimation
Yield potential estimation
driven by CSIRO APSIM
  Weather information
Weather information
very expensive


affordable & flexible

Grower? Agronomist? Service provider?

Start using FluroSense today so that your agronomic decisions can make a difference
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