Our Solutions

We have worked with leading agribusinesses globally to solve challenges that stem from limited access to real-time crop data. We will be happy to help you solve yours.

Agronomy and Crop Advisory

Get regular crop health reports and automatic crop stress alerts to focus on the right crops, fields and areas with easy-to-understand data, equally accessible in the field and in the office.
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Operations and Logistics

Measure, track and report the progress of your crops at a field-farm-region level. Optimise the timing of your farm operations to get the best from all crops and varieties.
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R&D and Trial Management

Refine your management practices and fast-track your product-to-market trails using FluroSense trial reports. Set up your trials in minutes and get expert-ready analytics.
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Sustainability and Environment

Improve environment impact and compliance reporting with localised science-based crop nutrient budgets. Verify crop rotation practices and crop management efficiency.
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