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See why industry leaders use FluroSense to guide their crop management decisions.

FluroSense is a cloud-based crop management and analytics platform. No manual analysis, just accurate crop reports.
We know what it’s like to manage thousands of acres of crop across multiple states. That’s why we support hundreds of customers across the globe in their crop management needs, through every growth stage.

Once-a-season pricing

Pay $1-5/ac/season depending on the modules your crops require.

Reliable support

Count on reliable support from our knowledgeable agronomists.

Integrations in 3 clicks

Connect your farm management platforms and imagery to unlock better crop analytics.

Privacy and Industry compliance

Our tools make data flow transparent and are GDPR compliant.
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All your crop management needs in one place

Bring your crop data, agronomic observations, and insights together to make better decisions faster.

With FluroSense, you can monitor your crop using objective metrics and reports, including crop performance, stress, nutrition, and more — all from a single platform.

Know your crop performance, from the palm of your hand

Quickly learn how all your crops are performing across individual fields, farms, or company's divisions and even countries.

With our summary dashboards, weekly reports and detailed metrics on crop growth, you’ll always know how the crops are performing across crop types, farms and individual fields and where there’s room for improvement.

Benchmarking of crop varieties across regions
FluroSense crop stress

Manage crop stress on the go

Identify early where the crop stress is emerging with automated crop stress alerts and find out how it's developed over time.

Monitor the crop stress using suggested scouting areas and pins sent to you proactively. Our Farm Management System integrations make it easy for you to receive, edit and ground-truth scouting observations from your phone or desktop, with each observation making the predictions smarter.

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Address your crops nutrition needs progressively and efficiently

Make in-season Nitrogen recommendations that change in response to the crop is developing.

Easily identify the first signs (invisible to a human eye) of the crop becoming nitrogen-deficient and generate a variable rate prescription file in a matter of minutes. As the crop progresses in its development, the prescription is updated based on the ongoing crop nutrient requirement predictions and in-season satellite imagery. You can adjust the recommended application rates using environmental or financial factors, as you discuss the plans and options with your growers

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Nitrogen variable rate application map
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Get notified when the issues arise

Regain your peace of mind with automated crop monitoring and stress detection

FluroSense automated Crop Stress detection and Smart Pivot monitoring tools detect stress when it occurs and issue email reports pointing out exactly where the stress is and how to locate it. With PDF reports attached to the email alerts, you can quickly notify your irrigation system dealer of the detected malfunction that needs servicing. This “rapid response” system helps you prevent the “dip” in the crop height and the associated yield loss.

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Why agronomists choose us?

“FluroSat has provided us a platform to quickly and efficiently analyze images from multiple sources across our entire trade territory, and communicate the issues to our growers through automatic alerts. ”
John Gibson
Precision Ag Specialist, Crop Quest
“Focused decision support tools will be the game changer for the future of agriculture. ”
Brooke Sauer
Agronomy & Agtech Consultant
“FluroSense is one of the best analytic engines that I've seen so far. Potato is a high-volume, high-value and high-input crop and will benefit from using FluroSense. ”
Dr Anserd Foster
Manager, Ag Services
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Have questions? Want to know how to get started?

We have compiled hundreds of hours of customer training sessions into this short video playlist to walk you through all features of FluroSense in short 5-minute videos!
Watch our Head of Business and Product Development, Dr Manal Elarab explaining all features of FluroSense from the agronomist's perspective, including answering the following questions: "What data you need to get started? How does each of the products fit into my agronomic workflow? What existing data and imagery can I bring into the platform to further improve the crop analytics on my fields?" Watch it now!

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No matter your business type or experience level, we have features to help you understand your crop performance, make timely decisions that matter most, and get better as you go. See solutions for your tasks:

Agronomy and Crop Advisory
Operations and Logistics
R&D and Trial Management
Sustainability and Environment

Farm field operations
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