FluroSense is a cloud-based crop management and analytics platform. No manual analysis, just accurate crop reports.
We know what it’s like to manage thousands of acres of crop across large areas and sometime even across the borders. We enable our customers across the globe address their crop management needs, from planting to harvest.

Why industry leaders use FluroSense to guide their crop management decisions

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Provide your field boundaries and we'll do the rest to collect the data and deliver insights
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Insights help you work smarter by saving time and money when it counts
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Advanced remote sensing insights and analytics for dozens of crops all over the world

See what FluroSense Insights can do for you

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Optimize crop management decisions across your agribusiness

Farm & weather data, crop models and remote sensing imagery are combined to help you make informed decisions that positively impact your bottom line.
  • View crop performance, stress, & nutrition by farms and fields
  • Gain operational efficiencies by coordinating field operations
  • Use customized reports and dashboards to perfectly time your operations like spray, top/side-dress, and harvest


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Locate crop stress early

Use automated crop stress alerts as your scouting partner for early detection and ongoing monitoring of problem areas
  • Use proactive email alerts with early-detected hot-spots to prevent yield loss
  • Ground-truth automated stress alerts by adding your scouting notes onto the platform
  • Customize stress tracking areas so you know when to take action
Discover how crop stress detection pays
FluroSense crop stress
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Benefit from site-specific crop nutrition recommendations

Save on input costs and improve crop yields with one-touch science-based Nitrogen recommendations
  • Get site-specific Variable Rate Nitrogen recommendations with minimal data entry
  • Adjust recommended application rates with farm-specific environmental and financial factors in real-time
  • Use machinery-ready Nitrogen recommendations that are right for your soil, your crop, and your wallet
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Optimize orchard management with data insights and analytics

Adopt tree performance and stress detection technology to inform your management decisions across your orchards
  • Detect individual trees for: count, development and productivity
  • Benchmark and monitor performance at a tree/block/variety level
  • Determine variability of each block and across the orchard without running an EC mapper overhead
  • Optimise irrigation and detect leaks in drip irrigation systems
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FluroSense Platform Options

Capture agronomic insights to inform your crop management decisions year round

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Why agronomists choose us?

“FluroSat has provided us a platform to quickly and efficiently analyze images from multiple sources across our entire trade territory, and communicate the issues to our growers through automatic alerts. ”
John Gibson
Precision Ag Specialist, Crop Quest
“FluroSense is one of the best analytic engines that I've seen so far. Potato is a high-volume, high-value and high-input crop and benefits a lot from using FluroSense. ”
Dr Anserd Foster
Manager, Ag Services
“With FluroSense, we can begin to piece together the puzzle sooner and start to use the data to inform where, when and how much fertiliser is needed to maximise profitability. ”
Steve Richmond
Advanced Farm Services Agron., Nutrien Ag Solutions Australia
“Flurosat takes data analysis to the next level. We can finally make half-measures that are highly dependent on the observer a thing of the past and have factual data that is reliable, consistent and accurate. Everybody knows that precise agriculture is the future and Flurosat makes solid developments towards it! ”
Dimitrios Syminelakis
Potato Food Processor
“Focused decision support tools will be the game changer for the future of agriculture. ”
Brooke Sauer
Agronomy & Agtech Consultant
“FluroSense will help get the best economic output from each paddock ”
Chris Andrighetto
cotton grower/agronomist

Solutions for your business needs

We work across the ag industry to innovate solutions and workflows designed to help you make the timely decisions that matter most. Click on the icons below to explore industry specific solutions. ⤵

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FluroSense demo video

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We have compiled hundreds of hours of training sessions into this short 5-minute demo video to walk you through key features of FluroSense
Watch this quick tour of FluroSense features from getting started to accessing key features on 4 example farms. In this video, we offer you a taste of what FluroSense analytics look like, not an extensive walkthrough of all functionalities. For example, we don't touch on email reports and alerts. To see FluroSense reports on your farm, get in touch!
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