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About us

We believe in the power of technology to ensure global food security.

FluroSat was born out of passion. Passion to get the greatest science used in the fields, passion ro provide the advances of modern technology where it matters the most and responsibility to preserve our mother Earth for the next generations.

We believe that deep science is vital to sustainable food and fibre production.
We are dedicated to delivering world’s best research via user-centred software that helps agronomists and farmers make informed decisions. We apply the latest in remote sensing, agricultural science, machine learning and AI across all relevant layers of data to create efficient agronomic workflows and provide selective, accurate and actionable insights.

Meet the Team

Dr. Anastasia Volkova
FluroSat CTO Juan Delards
Juan Delard de Rigoulières Mantelli
Dr. Manal Elarab
Global Head of Business and Product Development
Chris Day
Software Development Manager
Kelly Champavier
Product Manager
Victor Proto
Data Engineer/Scientist
Marie Marion
Business Development Manager
Martin Ceballos
and Agricultural Advisor
Aleksey Achkasov
Head of Engineering
Alexandr Nalivayko
Software Engineer
Illia Karamavrov
Front-End Developer
Alexandr Shapovalenko
Software Engineer
Leandro Giovannini Data Scientust
Dr. Leandro Giovannini
Associate Data Scientist
Felix M. Riese FluroSat
Felix M. Riese
(PhD Candidate)
Visiting Researcher/Data Scientist
Dr. Yiqing Guo
Data Scientist
Thomas Sauvajon FluroSat
Thomas Sauvajon
Software Engineer
Daniel Brogan profile picture
Daniel Brogan
Senior Software Engineer

Our investors and supporters

Our Locations

FluroSat Pty Ltd is Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and has 4 offices:
- Syndey, Australia - Canberra, Australia - San Francisco, USA - Kyiv, Ukraine