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Course invitation from our founder

Hear the WHY for this course from FluroSat founder and how she wants to help crop advisers around the world adopt digital tools in these changing times.
"To support our new and existing customers in times of #covid in the rapid adoption of digital tools, we are offering an educational course that covers best practices of using data-driven insights to build and strengthen grower relationships, virtually." - Anastasia Volkova, PhD.

Industry leaders are urging their agronomists to reinvent themselves

A head agronomist and manager at one of the major U.S. seed & chemical companies leading a team of a couple of hundred employees noted:

This is a time that employees will either get ahead or fall behind. It will be the ones that are proactive in learning about digital agronomy tools and new ways to relate with their growers that will be successful. Relating with growers and building relationships virtually is going to be the new normal for a while and now is the time to learn how to adapt and excel this 2020 season.

To end up on top, they have to be willing to change rather than waiting it out. It’s going to be a long time before we’ll be doing things like we have done before. The agronomist of tomorrow is going to look different. They are going to have to reinvent themselves.

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We are invested in helping you succeed. Invest in yourself by taking 45-minutes a week for 6 weeks to learn with your peers.

Training on digital tools

The course includes deep-dives into the components of modern agtech, such as remote sensing, crop modelling and ML to help agronomists better utilise them!

One-on-one support

You have a lot on your plate. You can count on us to guide you through learning and answer questions every step of the way.

Privacy policy

We take your data seriously. You have the option to completely erase any information you upload at the end of the course.

Wondering how to bring your data for the course?

You will be able to use the integrations we have with these platforms to easily transfer the data.

Course Outline

Episodes are 45-60 min long and are intended for the learning over 6 weeks.

Course content:

  1. The Changing State Of Agriculture: Preparing You & Your Growers For The 2020 Season
  2. ★ Timing is Everything: Staying Ahead of the Game Throughout The Season
  3. Saving When It Matters: Tools to Optimize Nitrogen Application This Season
  4. ★ Working Smarter: Finding Crop Stress Before it Robs the (Yield) Bank
  5. ★ Decision Support From Planting to Harvest: Building Relationships Through Data-Driven Decisions
  6. Putting the Lessons into Practice: Practical Tips for Using Data from 2020 and Beyond

★ Episodes 2, 4, and 5 feature industry leaders as guest speakers.

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What do the course attendees say?

“I’ve been trudging and riding over fields all my life, and have been in one spot for the last 15 years now and scout fields up to twice a week so I’m the one who knows the issues and problems but understanding the extent is the really valuable stuff for me. Putting some number on yield loss on fields with constraints and particularly how this affects different crop species and varieties is going to be big. ”
VAg101 course participant
“I love your examples and specific situations where the technology is applicable and how to use it to diagnose problems. ”
VAg101 course participant
“I have very limited knowledge of agronomy, but have a keen interest in remote sensing. This course has been really interesting, and I'm enjoying the way you explain and demonstrate the integration of multiple sources of information. I think remote sensing is an incredibly powerful tool, and if we as extension workers can do a good job at communicating its value and how to interpret the data in a simple way then we will see massive benefits across many ag sectors. ”
VAg101 course participant
“I was made aware of the pros and cons of different technologies and that was great. ”
VAg101 course participant
“I’m really impressed with the tree detection models. It would be good to go through the process even more in depth. ”
VAg101 course participant
“The course allowed me to get up to speed with the latest thinking around digital tools in agriculture. ”
VAg101 course participant
“Thank you for providing these insightful webinars, they have been very interesting! I really enjoyed all of the sessions! ”

95% of the course participants would consider taking it again!

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