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Why TerrAvion + FluroSense is a “better together” solution for you

Working with TerrAvion – the largest aerial imagery acquisition company in the U.S.A.
When we started working with TerrAvion in early 2018, we immediately saw the value of aerial imagery frequently acquired at key times in the season: it helps growers and advisors with a “bird’s eye view” of their fields.

TerrAvion is now the largest volume subscription aerial imagery provider in the U.S. and this is no surprise. Their dedication towards the timely delivery of high-resolution aerial imagery that is both quality-assured and cost-efficient is exactly what the agricultural industry needs. TerrAvion provides more flights at the lowest cost and continues to upgrade its hardware and systems to provide even better resolution imagery each year.

Time series of TerrAvion imagery with stress detected by FluroSense.

Analytics with and without imagery 
Imagery is most needed before, and immediately after the rain to execute fertiliser applications or to see the rain’s effect on crop health. But, it is no secret that satellite imagery can often be cloudy, which makes it unusable for crop monitoring at critical times of the farming season.

Satellite imagery can also suffer from a lack of detail. Free or inexpensive satellite data usually has a relatively low resolution of 10m. Such satellite data is only suitable for large-scale monitoring of commodity crops and it is not possible to differentiate between the different kinds of crop stress.

Without detecting and tracking the area of the crop affected by stress, growers and agronomists will be limited in their ability to recognise the difference between disease and nutrient deficiency, especially in the early stages of crop development when management action can still be undertaken.

Our partnership with TerrAvion provides our growers and agronomists with a viable alternative to satellite imagery free from these limitations.

Terravion offers

  • Cloud-free imagery – “Clean” imagery data that can be relied upon
  • Timely delivery – Collected when local crops reach critical growth stages for management and,
  • High-resolution – the crop stress can be traced down to row or even at individual plant scale.
FluroSense applications powered by a comprehensive set of layers.

FluroSense turns Terravion data into value
We’ve included “Sat” in our company name FluroSat because of our belief in affordable and scalable satellite-based monitoring. Our agronomic analytics platform, FluroSense, monitors several million acres of farmland with satellite imagery and uses machine learning algorithms to detect clouds and shadows.

With TerrAvion imagery, FluroSense can consistently track crop performance, alert growers of stress occurrence as soon as it is detected. Its analytic modules include crop performance, crop stress alerts, and input application for nutrients, crop protection, as well as irrigation. The detection of crop stress is powered by change detection and analysis of the data layers available for each field.

Using machine learning capabilities, the FluroSense’s engine learns the causes through observations collected in the areas where stress was detected. It allows growers and agronomists to use their data to train their own stress detection models, with which high-resolution imagery is one of the vital inputs.

With these and many other benefits, FluroSense takes Terravion imagery “all the way”.

Where should you start?
For TerrAvion customers who have their imagery available from previous seasons, this is a great opportunity to tune FluroSense scientific crop stress models to your datasets!

By validating crop stress detected by FluroSense with historical imagery, you can set FluroSense’s “gears in motion”. It will learn the signs of typical stressors affecting the crop on your specific farm and will be able to detect and, in some cases, even predict the stress in the coming season!

Are you ready to try out FluroSense for your farms? If you are a current Terravion customer, you can get access to FREE trial account FluroSense. Check out how easy it will be to set up integration guide (download here) to get your data into FluroSense. Feel free to drop us a line if would like to access this offer!

If you’re interested in seeing how FluroSense analytics can power your agronomic decisions, request a customised demo of FluroSense today!

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