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PIVOThermo irrigation nozzle issue alert

Get automated nozzle alerts with this trusted tool to monitor every nozzle.

Early detection of clogged nozzles on center pivots is crucial to avoid yield losses. With hundreds of nozzles to manage, FluroSense PIVOThermo tool can automatically detect clogged or leaking nozzles by analyzing thermal imagery from fix-wing aircraft.

What’s in the Report

An easy-to-read table summarizing problematic nozzles in each field. Including, the location of the nozzles (from pivot center or edge) to guide you quickly and accurately and date when issues were initially detected to highlight the history of the problem.

Delivered to your inbox

The email alerts can be send to you, your team, or to your customers directly. Personalize the email alerts to include your company logo, name and contact details – to make the report branded and easy to share.

Learn more by downloading the brochure here:

To see PIVOThermo Alert emails on your fields, Contact Us by clicking the button on the top right of the page.

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