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Software solutions for research agronomists, crop breeders and trial managers.

Make trials hassle-free - from site selection to reporting, and communicating the value of your product to the growers. Comprehensive trial management module in FluroSense allows you to focus on building grower relationships and furthering the understanding of your products' performance.
Using automated tools for crop performance benchmarking across multiple trials and replicates you can track product efficacy, intra-plot variability and highlight the desired impact of the product on the crop as it evolves over time. FluroSense trial management module saves your time and money, when compared to the traditional trial management methods.
Commercial ag product trials management and reporting

Looking for historical information to choose a trial site?

Provide the location of the site and get the comprehensive field history view, highlighting variability that can impact your trial layout. Choose areas with appropriate soil variability, setting your products up for success.
Trial plots aerial

Want to have automated tools and ready data for your trials?

Get easy access to vegetation indices from remote sensing imagery, growing degree units (GDUs), estimated plant growth stages and weather data for each of your trials sites - all exportable as .tiff, .csv, or .png files.
Conducting commercial agronomic trials

Need to demonstrate the impact of your product on crop yield?

Let the data speak for itself with over-time crop performance charts, export-ready tables and comparisons between crop performance, "as-applied" files and yield maps.

Get your trials set up for monitoring in a matter of seconds

Upload or draw your plot designs in just a few clicks. FluroSense calculates averages of vegetation indices for each remote sensing image and aggregates averages over replicates, so you get an average per application rate/hybrid/treatment. You will never have to use GIS software for trial analysis again!

Easy trial set up
Seed trial monitoring with sampling

Combine imagery and field observations into factual insights

Get factual, comparable data from drone and aerial imagery down to the individual plant level. Take objective measurements without relying on a crop checker in the field. Use point-based field observations and sampling results to ground-truth and extrapolate your analysis. Get access to reliable, consistent, and accurate data ensuring the quality of your reports.

Produce brilliant marketing material and post-season benchmarking reports

With automated trial monitoring module in FluroSense you can easily demonstrate the effect of product application on plant biomass, and chlorophyll levels across the season. Watch this short video that shows how FluroSense generates export-ready graphs that highlight the key trial outcomes. Trial showcased in the video is of pre-plant fertilizer application, replicated 3 times laid between the wheel tracks of the corn pivot conducted by Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.
Crop trial management module
Potato row spacing

How food processors use FluroSense to evaluate potato planting density trials

"Flurosat takes data analysis to the next level. We can finally make half-measures that are highly dependent on the observer a thing of the past and have factual, comparable data from drone imagery" - Dimitrios Syminelakis

The case study shows how using remote sensing data, the field management team and their growers were able to easily quantify the performance of the trial plots in an objective way and make objective decisions about what planting rate worked best in their fields.

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How Australian Cotton Research Institute used FluroSense to Analyze Nitrogen use Efficiency trials

With the commercialisation of hyperspectral sensing, a range of promising applications in precision agriculture, including nutrient mapping, have become available to the research community and industry. An online workflow for calibration and analysis of the airborne multispectral and hyperspectral data including geo-rectification, derivation of vegetation indices and comparison with time series of the satellite data as a part of FluroSense crop analytics tool is being presented. The operation of the FluroSense system is being demonstrated on a case study of nitrogen trials in Australian cotton conducted at Australian Cotton Research Institute (ACRI). The comparison of the vegetation indices derived using source imagery from different sensors revealed the benefits of each of the imagery types and its potential for field variability mapping.

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Nitrogen trials ACRI
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