ProductionWise is a decision support system for commodity crops aimed at
improving farm efficiency, sustainability and profitability through an
intuitive platform providing detailed paddock management and planning,
APSIM-powered yield predictions, satellite NDVI monitoring, and localised weather forecasts.
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Scientifically-validation yield forecast
in 3 simple steps

Provide your field boundaries
Confirm Soil and Operations
Get yield forecast

What you’ll get with our CropTracker tool:

  • Accurately forecast the yields for each of your fields
  • Evaluate the effects of planned operations on the yield prediction
  • Estimate crop growth stage during the season
  • View APSIM modeled paddock soil moisture
  • Compare yield forecast, NDVI, climatics and operations in a single chart

Weather & Climatics

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  • 5 day hourly weather forecasts
    • Improve operations planning
    • Rainfall, wind speed & direction, Temp, delta T
  • Seasonal Climate
    • Rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration and soil moisture
    • Data available as charts, tables, .CSV
  • Drought Monitor updated every 10 days
    • Benchmark present conditions against long-term averages

ProductionWise Offline App

  • Efficient multi-paddock data entry
  • View maps for your farms and fields
  • Add field observations with photos and GPS location
  • Works offline in the field and sync when you return home
  • Available for both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices
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Grower? Agronomist? Service provider?

Get the power of the scientifically-validated decision support for yourself or your customers