See why thousands of growers rely on ProductionWise in their farm management decisions.

ProductionWise is ANZ's most powerful decision support platform for arable farmers.
Our aim at ProductionWise is to assist grain farming businesses to make the best possible decisions so that they can be as efficient, sustainable and profitable as possible.
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Focuses on the profit

The comprehensive view of your farming operations makes the profit drivers clear.
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Established and reliable

With 10 years on the market, we continue to evolve and innovate for our users
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Extremely affordable

Pay $22/month as a grower and $66/month as an advisor (inc. GST). 30-day Free no-lock-in trial.
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Supports community

We have supported Australia's and NZ's farming communities through thick and thin.

All your farm management needs in one place

Bring your crop data, field notes, and insights together to make better decisions faster.

With ProductionWise, you can manage your farm using objective metrics, clean records and reports, including farm plans, grain storage management, satellite imagery and most-powerful-yet yield forecasting — all from a single platform.

ProductionWise Offline App

Manage your farm and record observations and inventory from the palm of your hand - and offline!
  • Login with grower or adviser account
  • Create, view and edit paddock activities
  • View paddock recommendations from your adviser
  • Add rainfall observations out in the paddock
  • View and manage your Chem Shed inventory
  • As an adviser create paddock recommendations and plans
  • Efficient multi-paddock data entry
  • View maps for your farms and paddocks
  • Add paddock observations with photos and GPS location
  • Use offline in the paddock and sync when you return home
  • Available for Apple and Android devices
PW farm mapping screenshot

Farm mapping without limitations

Manage your farm boundaries and records digitally for easy reporting and visibility
  • Google-powered mapping tools
  • Import/export farm map from KML
  • Full-screen viewer
  • High-resolution base imagery
  • Paddock & grain storage mapping
  • Split, merge and zone paddocks
  • Archive paddocks not in use/retired
  • Map all other farm features
  • Print large farm maps in A4 and A3 size
  • View nearby APSIM soil characterisations

Efficient record keeping for growers and advisors

Keep paddock planting records, include photos to enhance in-field observations
  • Record crops, operations and inputs
  • Record paddock inspection observations with photos
  • View & action adviser recommendations
  • Filter paddock record by crop growing windows
  • View & filter paddock actions
  • Group and view paddocks by farm and crop
  • Add paddock actions to multiple paddocks across all your farms at once
  • Use saved operation templates to speed up data entry
  • Share jobs to do with 3rd parties
ProductionWise Paddock Record Keeping
ProductionWise - grain record keeping

Grain Record Keeping and Storage Management

Manage your grain storage, contracts, sales, and balances
  • Record on & off-farm grain storage facilities
  • Move harvested grain from paddocks into storages
  • Maintain a record of storage operations
  • Record inspections and pesticide treatments
  • Record grain sales
  • Record grain sale contracts and track them to completion
  • View detailed grain balance
  • Track grain sales income

Create and share farm plans with your advisors


  • Create plans of paddock activities for any group of farms and paddocks in your account
  • Share your farm plans with a connected adviser
  • Receive farm plans from your connected adviser
  • Once a draft plan is confirmed you can publish the plan and make it visible in the paddock records
  • Generate a PDF document of your farm plans to share with other employees
ProductionWise Farm Planning
ProdutionWise Crop Tracker

Crop Tracker - yield prediction tailored to your field history

  • Your field records are powering the CSIRO APSIM yield model
  • Visual assessment of paddock APSIM yield forecasts
  • Compare paddocks yield forecast, NDVI, climatics and operations in a single chart
  • View APSIM-modelled paddock soil moisture
  • View estimated crop growth stage during the season
  • Identify potential crop health issues
  • View effects of extreme climatic events
  • See the effects of planned operations on the yield prediction

Gross Margin calculator

  • Automatically calculated gross margins
  • Gross margins are calculated from your paddock yield prediction
  • Identify data entry errors or missing paddock data and correct them
  • Determine and track your cost of production
  • Includes forage harvest and grazing income events
ProductionWise Gross Margin
ProductionWise Rainfall-Outlook

Seasonal Climate, Drought Monitor and Spray Planner

Spray Planner

  • View hourly forecast 5-day weather forecast to plan your operations
  • “Traffic light system” for spray-specific decision making
  • Rainfall, wind speed & direction, temperature and delta T
  • Available for all your farms in Australia

Seasonal Climate

  • View historical climatics for all your farms
  • Rainfall, temperature, evapotranspiration and soil moisture
  • Data available as charts, tables and animated slide show
  • Export all data as a .CSV

Drought Monitor

  • UN FAO combined drought index
  • See how the current conditions deviate from the long-term average
  • Updated every 10 days for all farms
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