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FluroSat partners with Proagrica to offer an end-to-end integration with Sirrus

FluroSense is integrated directly with Proagrica’s AgX farm management platform to bring proactive and actionable recommendations for crop management and production decision-making.

The integration of the two platforms allows the users to set crops up for automated monitoring with FluroSense:

  1. Quickly import field boundaries and cropping information
  2. Receive automated crop status reports and stress email alerts
  3. Get nutrient application and scouting recommendations directly in Sirrus

With this integration, users can easily set up their farms with automated crop monitoring in FluroSense- in just three clicks! – and tap into its power of scientific modelling, AI and remotely sensed data.

Try FluroSense for free to see how easy it is to get on top of your crops!

For existing FluroSense users: Download a copy of your agX integration guide (pdf below) and start connecting your agX account to FluroSense.

For existing Proagrica users: watch the video below or download a PDF with step-by-step instructions to learn how to easily connect your agX account with FuroSense.

OR CONTACT US, and we will enable your Proagrica user and connect it to your FluroSense account.

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