Partners & Integrations

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FluroSat has established a partnership with Climate FieldView to provide an easy-to-use integration for joint customers

Climate’s FieldView platform is an innovative tool enabling its partners, such as FluroSat, to simplify, enrich, and develop new offerings.

FluroSense’s integration with Climate FieldView platform allows our joint customers to make current field operations smart, data-driven and more efficient, including automated crop stress tracking and science-based nitrogen management recommendations.

Joint users of FluroSense analytics engine and Climate’s Field View platform will benefit from:
Expedited onboarding – FluroSat will access a subset of user data stored in Climate FieldView via APIs to simplify onboarding, data management, and data transference amongst
Insight enriching FluroSense insights – FluroSat will leverage grower information per grower consent, including As-Planted, As-Applied, and As-Harvested files to further tailor to improve the insights provided, including crop performance reports, crop stress alerts and nitrogen recommendations
Streamlined access to insights and analytics – Climate FieldView users will benefit from getting scouting suggestions and nitrogen recommendation files from FluroSense directly in the FieldView platform to promptly take action on them!

For existing Climate FieldView users: CONTACT US, and we will enable your Agrian user and connect it to your FluroSense account.