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Point-based weather and NDVI from Arable Marks to flow into FluroSense to advance the accuracy of crop analytics for joint customers

FluroSat works with Arable to integrate data feed including localised weather data and NDVI reading from Arable Mark devices into FluroSense platform, to improve the accuracy of weather data, and connected crop analytics as well as access the NDVI measurements from the spectrometer on Marks to be used in combination with the satellite imagery and field variability assessments already available in FluroSense.

With the addition of Arable API to FluroSense platform users will have access to location-specific information including like precipitation, temperature, pressure, radiation, humidity, leaf wetness, GDDs, ET, crop water demand, NDVI, thus bringing ground-truth accuracy and enabling critical decisions to be made for crop management.

Want to know more about accurate Mark sensor placement in the field and how we achieved a high correlation between the NDVI readings from Arable Mark and Sentinel? Read our blog here.

For existing Arable customers: CONTACT US, and we will assist you in bringing in Arable localised data into your FluroSense account.