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Software solutions for farm and process managers, field agronomy and operations

Refine the operations in your food-growing business with automated reports giving you a "bird's eye view" of crop disposition, allocation, timing of product application and harvest readiness.
FluroSense helps farm managers, operations crew and field staff. It uses automatic tracking of crop growth stages and detection of areas of crop stress. Users can make optimally-timed operational decisions and quantitatively compare regions, crop varieties and production areas. By far the most objective source of crop data for field operations!
Tractor applying product in the field

Want to make timely applications at an optimal rate?

Get field or farm-level crop stress reports via email or via your Farm Management System with prioritized scouting suggestions to allocate proper resources where most needed.
Farm field operations

Need objective reports to direct field operations?

Get regular crop growth stage and growth rate reports. Compare varietal performance across blocks, farms and regions. Provide your team with timely data-driven guidance.
Refine crop nutrient management

Fine-tuning management practices to get the most out of your crop

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Optimise the timing of farm operations based on growth stages and crop growth stages

With crop growth stages estimated using models and verified using remote sensing imagery, you can see the distribution of your crop growth across your crops/varieties/farms/growers/regions all in one report customized to the parameters most important to your business.

Crop performance optimal potato harvest time
Orchard management tree detection

Assess the pest pressure across your fields and farms

FluroSense runs automated crop stress detection algorithms on your fields in season and generates email reports and alerts, when crop stress is detected. The reports quantify the severity and the % area of the stress in the field and show comparison with the stress from last week. This is our most popular application!

Make scalable science-based nutrient recommendations

Create management zones and variable rate in-season nitrogen recommendation files based on scientific bio-physical crop models. The models use your farm operations information (when you planted your crops and any recorded nutrient applications) to predict the crop biomass status and nutrient requirement at any point in the season, so when the application window comes, you could make prescriptions across all growers’ fields in just a few clicks.

Variable rate nitrogen recommendation
Benchmarking of crop varieties across regions

Benchmark crop varieties across farms, growers and regions

With scalable crop growth stage and performance monitoring, you get a weekly email report for every crop type and variety – on a farm or a regional level. With objective information you can align your teams in the field and in the office, communicate priorities to your growers and choose optimal timing of operations that maximizes the yield.

How almond producer detected same-day water stress due a irrigation power outage

This case study demonstrates how the crop damage introduced by one-time water stress (due to a power outage) was detected and affected almond blocks were. The farm manager verified the severe damage that revealed itself in the respective quadrant of the almond orchard.

Read almond irrigation case study
Almond orchard management case study
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