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Artificial Intelligence: A Race Against the Machine? | Join our CEO at the webinar

MONTHLY BUZZ JUNE 2020 | Artificial Intelligence: A Race Against the Machine?

Artificial intelligence: A race against the machine?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly infiltrating our lives, whether we realise it or not. It’s helping us write emails, generating the content we consume, reading our X-rays — the list goes on. AI is supercharging industries when it comes to automation, precision, discovery, speed and more. In fact, it may prove to be the most powerful technology ever invented, and we have only scratched the surface of its enormous potential to benefit humankind. 

Similarly – and worryingly – we are also at the very beginnings of our understanding when it comes to the potential dangers of AI. It is a tool of such unprecedented malleability, that its effects – both positive and negative – across innumerable potential applications can only be guessed at. 

This month, we are taking a nuanced approach to discussing artificial intelligence in an Australian context. Our panel of experts will discuss the opportunities for Australia to leverage this incredible tool, but also where we need to focus to ensure the systems of governance, privacy and fairness around AI are in place, robust and able to keep pace with the super speed of this technology.

Special thanks to the event sponsors, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade NSW.



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