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VirtualAg Expert Series webinar – Tree crop irrigation management using remote sensing

FluroSat Netafim webinar

In this webinar, FluroSat’s Global Head of BD, Dr. Manal Elarab was joined by Dr. Itamar Nadav, Project Manager and Chief Agronomist R&D at Netafim who shared with our community his experience in managing tree crops around the globe using advanced irrigation systems, remote sensing, precision agriculture and advanced modelling.

Itamar has touched on the basis of the remote sensing-driven tree and irrigation management, explained how to calculate the amount of water required by almond, citrus and vines/vineyards from thermal imagery and NDVI indices of the plant, and also shared the latest developments in irrigation for fruit/nut trees, such as Netafim’s Variable Rate Drip Irrigation (VRDI).

The webinar outline:

1. Remote sensing & Irrigation

2. From data ⇒ Decisions, Irrigation Scheduling

3. Irrigation technology and the Future and much more!

Tune in now to learn and feel free to leave comments or questions!

Tree crop irrigation management webinar hosted by FluroSat

About the speaker

Itamar gained his Ph.D. studying at the Soil & Water Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He published several papers on soil water distribution under water repellent conditions. For the last 10 years, he has been a Project Manager and Chief Agronomist at the R&D department of NETAFIM. Itamar’s main responsibilities include soil sensors implementation, testing and development and precision agriculture implementation. His work includes experimentations in advanced drip irrigation technology involving remote sensing and precision agriculture as well as advanced modelling for irrigation scheduling.

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