About 2 years ago

Farming with satellites

In this Space Angel Podcast “Farming with Satellites”, Dr. Anastasia Volkova, CEO & Founder of FluroSat shares how precision agriculture is paving the way for sustainable farming.

You will also find out how FluroSat’s integrated agronomic analytics engine, FluroSense, leverages space data together with science-based agronomic models, farm records, and IoT data and more to provide insights for agronomists.

For media enquiry, please email media@flurosat.com.

Anastasia Volkova CEO FluroSat profile photo
Anastasia Volkova
Anastasia is a Chief Executive Officer and Founder for the global crop analytics business FluroSat which began its commercial operation in November 2015. She has been involved with Earth Observation and Agriculture industries for the past 10 years, with work experience ranging from defence and civilian surveillance to working on farms, and canneries. Anastasia is a TEDx speaker, Amelia Earhart Fellow, NSW/ACT Young Women Creating Change and one of the 25 MIT Technology Review APAC Innovators under 35. With 2 Master’s Degrees and a Doctorate in Aeronautical engineering, she remains passionate about bringing innovation to agribusinesses to resolve the challenges that crop advisors and agronomists face in the space of crop management and decision making.
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