Join the Ag

The candidate will join our Science team to expand our ability to translate data into agronomic insights and customer-facing products. Our work environment has always been flexible and now is also remote-first.

What you’ll do:

  • Conduct research, evaluation, development, and implementation of remote sensing related projects
  • Analyze remote sensing and other spatial datasets, specifically multispectral satellite imagery, weather and soil data, in-field measurements, and farm machinery datasets
  • Transform raw data into usable datasets: assessing quality, cleansing, and efficiently structuring the data
  • Translate the plant science into remote sensing-based algorithms and models, making the data and the insights from it usable for agronomists
  • Develop new and apply known state-of-the-art methods for the agricultural analysis of the remote sensing data, developing accurate and scalable algorithms for estimation and prediction of crop performance, crop stress, crop nutrient status, and crop type mapping
  • Develop and help improve data processing scripts to link satellite, and drone imagery with the plant biophysical characteristics (biomass, chlorophyll, crop cover)
  • Contribute to the work of the science team (agriculture, remote sensing, data science) on capturing the agricultural science ‘laws’ with remote sensing
  • Daily collaborate with the engineering and product team to bring science prototypes to production for user testing and validation
  • Be comfortable with producing a GOOD result quickly and then iterating to get to the GREAT one (you will need to rapidly build MVP algorithms to test your results with customers before developing a full-scale model)
  • Work on real-time data in a timely fashion (you will get access to data captured from satellites, drones and IoT sensors hours after it was captured! )

Successful applicants must have:

  • Master degree with 3+ years of experience or PhD degree in Computer Science, Agricultural Science, Urban Planning, Geography, Civil Engineering, or a related field with experience in remote sensing and a good research track record
  • Strong background in remote sensing and geospatial data, such as Landsat, Sentinel, MODIS, VIIRS, Planet, hyperspectral, LiDAR, Radar, and/or UAV/drone technique
  • Demonstrated background developing statistical, machine learning, and/or simulation models using remote sensing datasets
  • Proficiency in scientific computing with Python, with the ability to quickly pick up new technical skills
  • Demonstrated ability to apply remote sensing imagery to large scale monitoring and/or modeling in agriculture and/or natural ecosystems
  • Strong problem-solving skills, with the ability to research, develop, and implement solutions to novel problems
  • Willingness to expand and learn new skill sets as needed

Desirable skills (bonus if you have them!):

  • Experience in using deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, Keras, or TensorFlow
  • Experience in solving crop yield-related issues or mapping crop types using remote sensing products
  • Knowledge and/or experience in data assimilation
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills – the ability to conveying scientific concepts in layman’s terms

What’s in it for you:

  • Work with an amazing driven team innovating at a refreshing pace
  • Contribute to making the world more sustainable, do good
  • Get a chance to join a multi-national award-winning start-up whilst we are still (relatively) small – check us out on TEDx and TechCrunch
  • Feel excited about your job and seize the opportunities for professional growth
  • Make use of flexible work hours and friendly leave policies to create a healthy life-work balance

If this job sounds like you, and we sound like the kind of team you’d like to join, please apply using our new job board.