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At FluroSat, we build the systems that is turning agriculture from an industry harmful to the planet to the one that heals it.

We deeply understand and serve agronomists – crop doctors who on the daily basis are faced with hundreds of decisions, and the weather does not wait for them to gather more info to make their calls.

Here enters FluroSense – our award-winning decision support and crop monitoring product. It is best in class!. It is a full-cycle decision support tool for crop management decisions agnostic to where you keep your farm management data (yes, read lots of APIs, and short time to value for the customer).

FluroSense is inherently agronomy-first. It is not a simple product, but it is a beautiful one. We strive to marry the depth of insights with easy-to-use interfaces and workflows, and handy email reports and file sharing – to make sure that time from decision to application is minimal. This allows agronomists and their farmers prepare and act on any opportunities or threats that are appearing in their fields.

At FluroSat, we productise science. Our “deep-tech” product combines the best of academic crop modeling with remote sensing (satellite imagery and more) and machine learning/AI. Our product, due to being built from first-principles of agronomy is applicable in any country in the world. And is in fact already being used on fields in 45 countries!

The origin of the Position

Our brilliant Head of Product is looking for a Lead Product Designer – a”partner in crime”, professional designer “yin” to her agronomic “yang”, someone with the passion for the user journey, simplification of the complexity, and the transformation that such powerful tool like FluroSense can and is bringing to the world’s agriculture!

This position will be our first in-house designer position at FluroSat. We have worked with brilliant designers on a need to basis, but we have now reached a point where the product UX/UI demand a full time carer.

We work with the best customers, insightful and supportive. However, being crop doctors in high demand, they are busy people. Respecting their time, we cannot conduct endless user experience test with them and need to learn from them in other ways and use our intuition in creative ways, reaching out to them with ideas and prototypes when they are available. So, please, do not expect the world of agriculture to be the same as the world of B2B SaaS apps. It is different, yet beautiful, and vital for all of us.


What we think you’ll be doing (it’s a startup, so things will change):

  • embody, live and breathe the vision of the product to wrangle the myriads of its facets into a cohesive, slick, functional design
  • help uncover and capture user needs and translate them into mock ups, workflows, and eventually pixel-perfect mock ups
  • apply good design principles – to how complex UI/UX should look like when presenting data, charts, dashboards, customisable reports via PDF and Email, and many more aspects of the product
  • wield Figma magic – creating resuable modular components and responsive designs to reflect and give form to product innovations at the speed at which the business is iterating on customer ideas
  • work on multiple product capabilities at the same time
  • rapidly iterate on functional designs and prototypes for user testing and providing the development team with a tangible reference point for builds (we build very quickly, our board of directors says we are an “execution machine”)
  • be collaborative – willing to share design principles to co-create product experiences with the Head of Product
  • be a pragmatist – the world is infinitely more complex than a simple “clean” design mock up, and if you are captivated by the complex natural process (like those ±10 key decisions that happen between seeding and harvest) and see yourself laying them out in interconnected frames and multiple product views then you should seriously consider this job 😉
  • define and establish a common unified UI library
  • build storyboards, user flows, wireframes, low and high-fidelity mockups, and prototypes to communicate design ideas at the appropriate level of detail

Experience we are looking for in candidates:

  • 3+ years of Product/Experience design in SaaS space
  • Experience building B2B SaaS software that has more than 3 target audiences using it at once
  • An attractive product design portfolio, showcasing elegant solutions to complex problems and your end-to-end process
  • Extensive experience in UX, UI, interaction, and visual design with patterns, tools, and methodologies to draw from
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with product management and engineering to develop and implement effective design practices
  • Autonomy – ability, and experience in operating in an agile, fluid and fast-paced surroundings
  • Can hold your own in a meeting and present with a customer-centric POV
  • A mind filled with beautiful, simple, innovative ideas and a high interest in solving complex product challenges creatively
  • Experience with prototyping (Figma) as a way to explore and validate ideas, and to communicate design requirements.

The type of person we are looking for:

  • You have empathy for less tech-savvy product users (agronomists, and crop advisors) and can begin experiences with their needs in mind
  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity in early production definition stages
  • You’re extremely detail-oriented and organized
  • You’re a guru of Figma and a master of a few more designer tools
  • You can think at a high level about product strategy and vision – answer “What should we build to meet our goals?”, and “How does this fit with the projects we will start later this year?” not just “How should it look?”
  • You have a real passion for designing highly efficient and intuitive user experiences
  • You have a preference for creating clean, “less is more” user interface designs
  • You are able to create tasks for yourself and others – we encourage everyone to challenge what should be done and you’d have an equal say in deciding what we’re working on
  • You are able to give and grow from constructive feedback

Who will love working at FluroSat:

  • You will experience exciting challenges and professional growth while being a part of something huge – not every day you can join the company that meaningfully and tangibly contributes to a better future of the planet and humanity.
  • You will be developing and applying your skills to accelerate the digital agriculture revolution, globally
  • You will be working with the best customers in the space – the largest, most innovative, and most sophisticated
  • With flexible hours and ways of working, you will get the opportunity to craft this role to ensure you are successful in the performance of your job and satisfied at work and outside of it. You r family is important to us, since you will be part of ours – FluroFam.
  • You will be a part of a team of dedicated passionate professionals who have built a multi-national award-winning start-up that is changing the way agriculture works (check out our TEDx, TechCrunch)

Location (in order of preference):

  • Sydney, Australia
  • USA,
  • Europe/Ukraine

If you recognise your calling in this position, meet the position requirements and we sound like the kind of team you’d like to join, please apply by clicking “Apply now” below or sending your resume to