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At FluroSat, we help agricultural businesses produce more with minimal environmental footprint by making better decisions. Our cloud-based analytics and recommendations engine FluroSense aggregates data across farm equipment, farm recording keeping platforms, satellite imagery, and weather stations, and be feeding this data through agronomic and ML models detects issues with the crop, and recommends precision fixes before the crop stress is visible to a naked eye. “Great tool!” you say? Definitely!

FluroSense engine won AgTech Data Analytics Solution of the Year 2020, and we are always on the lookout for great engineers to grow FluroSense further!

We monitor farmland in more than 15 countries, from wheat and cotton to almonds and apples. In this Computer Vision engineer position we are looking for someone who is equally skilled with “old-shool” morphological approaches to computer vision, as well as knows training of ML models on non-trivial features.

In this position, we are looking for someone to take our “Tree Health” product to the next level. The pipeline includes such CV tasks as identifying locations of individual trees (no matter orchard layout or presence of other vegetation), calculating their radius and health (biomass and chlorophyll), benchmarking these parameters across the orchard, and for each specific variety of trees separately. Some more advanced applications of the “Tree Health” product include yield modeling using a combination of remotely-sensed, weather and ground-truth data collected on the farm.

We are looking for a dynamic individual with strong expertise in Computer Vision and Python, and a passion for meaningful work.

Please, note this is not an entry-level position for graduates;

If you are coming from academia, you must have a thesis or project experience that directly relates to the main tasks of the position described above and demonstrates your experience in a range of publications or reports.

Successful applicants must have:

  • 2+ years of computer vision experience within a commercial or academic environment
  • 2+ years of Python for data processing, analysis, and computer vision
  • Experience with OpenCV, Scikit-image
  • You have extensive experience with filters, convolutions, image segmentation, clustering, classification…
  • Experience with relational databases – either MySQL, Postgres or others – or document databases, like MongoDB, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of shell scripting
  • Australian working visa, and currently be living in Australia unless having some extremely relevant experience in the past (read “having extensively worked with remote sensing for tree detection and crop type mapping”).

Highly Regarded Skills:

  • Comfortable with Linux
  • Knowledge/experience in GIS/remote sensing
  • Agricultural knowledge or background
  • Other IT skills like: other programming languages, Docker, etc.  

What’s in it for you:

  • Join a dynamic and passionate team building the product that makes a difference
  • Competitive salary and a stake in a growing startup
  • Pleasure of working with the latest technical stack
  • Develop a novel solution using cutting edge tech and satellite imagery
  • Contribute to making the world more sustainable, do good

If this job sounds like you, and we sound like the kind of team you’d like to join, please apply by sending your resume to