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Software that helps precision agronomy managers, digital and field agronomy make decisions with their data

Transform and scale your crop consulting business with automated reports, giving you unfair advantage and the opportunity to build trusted relationships in the world of fierce competition for your grower's time.
Flurosense assists crop consultants, preision ag managers and field agronomists. It uses automatic tracking of crop growth stages and detection of crop stress areas. Users can make VRA prescriptions and objectively monitor scouting quality. It saves time and money when compared to traditional crop monitoring and scouting methods.
Grower irrigation issue alerts

Need trusted information to regularly update your growers?

Get regular reports on crop growth stages and rate of crop growth/senescence. Compare crop biomass across multiple crops, farms and regions. Offer timely data-driven advice.
Smart scouting

Want to be confident that you're doing the "right stuff"?

Get crop stress alerts (via email or your farm management system) with prioritized scouting suggestions, ready for smart ground-truthing. Maximize your time in the field.
Grower consultation tools

Want your advice to be more personalized?

Include your company logo, your personal signature and share our benchmarking with your customers to demonstrate your local knowledge.

Optimize the timing of farm operations based on growth stages and crop status

With crop growth stages estimated using models and verified using remote sensing imagery, you can see the distribution of your crop growth across your fields/varieties/farms/growers/regions all in one report customized to the parameters most important to your business.

Crop performance dashboard flurosense sugarcane farm performance
FluroSense crop stress

Know the field situation with timely crop stress alerts

FluroSense automatically runs crop stress detection algorithms on your fields during the season. From this, email reports and alerts are generated whenever crop stress is detected. The reports quantify the severity and percentage area of stress in the field, and compares it with stress from last week. This is our mot popular application!

Make site-specific nutrient recommendations at scale

Get automatically generated, site-specific, variable rate, in-season nitrogen recommendations based on scientific bio-physical crop models. The models use your farm operation information (when you planted your crops and any recorded nutrient applications) to predict the crop biomass status and nutrient requirement at any point in the season. When the application window comes, you can make prescriptions across all growers’ fields in just a few clicks.

Nitrogen recommendations

How CropQuest Is Expanding Their Business Using FluroSense

We have the privilege of working with a Midwest crop consultant company, who are overseeing thousands of acres of corn, irrigated by centre pivot.
"The challenge with imagery, in large scale production agriculture, has always been the time needed to properly go through each image. Flurosense has provided us with a platform to quickly and efficiently analyze images from multiple sources across our entire trade territory, and then communicate those issues to our growers through automatic alerts. The alerts sent through the PivoThermo tool are action items that have identified issues that can be fixed and make a direct impact on yield this season" - John Gibson, Precision Ag Specialist, CropQuest
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